The Great Grammar Book -- Second Edition

The Great Grammar Book, a stylish, witty, and ambitious book, is ideally suited for students and professionals.

The book deftly handles all the familiar grammar problems: sentence fragments and run-on sentences, using correct pronouns, verbs, capital letters, apostrophes, and all punctuation, as well as a usage glossary to sort out confusing words such as affect and effect and imply and infer.

A Sampling of Unsolicited Comments:

Leslie Kruser, Assistant Professor, Judson University, IL
“I just wanted to let you know how well your text fit my course needs.  The number of lessons was perfect.  We finished the last quiz today during our final exam period.  Unfortunately, I had not glanced ahead to see how rich and full the last lesson was.  Next year I will do more with this last chapter, sprinkling some of the writing techniques throughout the other weeks.  Congratulations on writing a concise, inexpensive book that targets common problem areas with a fun and informative approach.”

Leslie Harriell-Turner, General Education Instructor, Middle Georgia Technical College

“Our school is using your wonderful grammar book . . The students LOVE the new book!”

John Neighbors, East Georgia College Learning Support Instructor
“I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your grammar book.  It is truly helping the students, and the sentences, with all the interesting facts, seem to fascinate them also.  We are looking forward to using it next semester.” 

Barbara Kuzminski, English Department, St. Peter’s College, New Jersey

“Wow, we have been receiving unbelievable responses from faculty on this book.”

Roselyn Gregor, ESL Professor, St Peter’s
“I really, really, really like this book.  I will be using it with ESL students.  I will be asking them to look up all the historical and cultural references you have used in your exercises--it will be a GREAT way for them to learn about the U.S. at the same time they are learning the language.  Thank you again and congratulations on writing a grammar book that ‘gets it’ and is actually fun.”

Rebecca Snyder, Writing Center Coordinator, Reedley College, California
“I teach Developmental English at Reedley College and coordinate the Writing Center.  I recently had the pleasure of tutoring a student who was using The Great Grammar Book.  It was wonderful!

The Great Grammar Book features:

  • A Comprehensive Diagnostic Test, which identifies your grammar problem areas that need improvement.
  • More than 2,000 sentences in over 100 integrated practice exercises -- more than any other text -- so that you can attain genuine mastery of even long-standing grammar problems.
  • Entertaining, fascinating, quirky information in sentences that are fun to read.  
  • Use and explanation of only those grammatical terms which are necessary to avoid mistakes or to improve writing skills. (Good-bye indirect and direct objects.)
  • Systematic writing exercises, which help you write clearer, more concise, and more readable sentences.  Practical writing advice is provided for essays, research papers, and business letters.

Price: $24.95 each


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